Her name is Darnaa and she has a powerful message that resonates with fans like no other. Darnaa’s music, lyrics and passionate vocals tell the autobiography stories of her struggles when growing up and more importantly, her ability to overcome them. “Life is a journey”, says Darnaa. “In your journey you go through tough times, and situations that can change you forever. In my journey I have a story for everyone. Writing what I couldn’t talk about was a way of coping, creating music from my life.”


She continues: “Whether it be good or bad, usually in the worst times we can often feel like we’re the only ones experiencing this… The only one suffering… I know I’m not the only one”.


Turns out there are millions of young men and women who can relate to her, when it comes to these topics and many more. Her internet presence is living proof.


Darnaa’s first official music video “Runaway" is a sobering but triumphant statement. “Runaway” was initially released in ten cities, climbing as high as #2 in North Carolina station WRSV-FM and into the top 40 in six of the ten cities per MediaBase weekly. Digital Tracking Service rated Runaway #1 in Internet Radio Spins of Top 50 Indie Artists and #20 on the Top 200 Internet Radio Spins. The fabulous pop queen from New York has gained thousands of followers and has risen as high as #1 in the Reverb Nation ranking of New York Indie Artists and #6 in the National rankings. As an indie pop Artist, Darnaa has Performed shows in the US and Overseas, in iconic places such as House of Blues & the Whisky of Gogo.


Her new album was released in February 2019 on BMP Records, including the singles ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Some Kind Of Way’.

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