Becca Adams

Becca Adams (27) -  Artist - singer, songwriter & producer from Sweden. Over 60 MILLION streams on Spotify with listeners from all over the world. A rare and powerful voice with mesmerizing melodies.


She has a  unique story to tell and to be remembered .She describes her music as  a ''futuristic feeling RnB". Her inspiration comes from life, feelings, connectivity and energy.


"My music has a deeper meaning both musically and lyrically. It's filled with energy. I believe that I am here to help people open up their eyes able to see their true capacity. I've never fitted in with the mainstream and what's called ''normal'' but I have always been myself.  I love weird, I love beautiful souls and good vibrations. I want to inspire people through what I've seen and learnt from life. I believe I have so much to say and express because there are lots people who need to hear it. Including myself."

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